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About Festival Group

Since 1999 Festival Group is the brand present on the market of artistic events in Poland and abroad. Marcin Perzyna is the founder of the company, designer and manager of projects such as “TOPtrendy Festiwal” and “Top Of the Top Festival”.

The company's main fields of action are performances of large media ventures and cultural projects, including organization of festivals, concerts, musical performances, and realization of television productions. For several years now we have been expanding into creation and management of social media applications in the entertainment.

The power of Festival Group is mainly the capital of it's partners'trust. Polish nationwide television stations, biggest corporations operating in Poland, public and non-public institutions are among our clients.


  • We have been organizing and preparing television transmissions of all, events connected to entrance of Poland to European Union in Brussels, 2004.
  • We organized the concert series promoting 25th anniversary of Solidarity.
  • With our participation the Capital City of Warsaw held transmission of Euro Groups' Drawings in Warsaw, 2012, including live connection between Kiev-Warsaw. We also prepared a rich artistic program accompanying that event, and also the entire infrastructure on Parade Square, which changed that day into all football fans zone.

Our projects

Top Music Wembley Current projects

"TOP MUSIC WEMBLEY is a new event on the musical map of music festivals in Europe. Most popular Polish artists  performed at London's Wembley Arena. The Festival was broadcasted globally by

Thanks to innovative solutions, the Internet users not only watched the course of the festival, but also actively participated in the creation of the events on the stage Wembley Arena. During the preparations for the Concert , Internet users could vote for our native talents of young artists, who joined the Polish celebrities at Wembley. The winners was the duo Anna Karwan and Matheo . In a specially created application Onet’s fans and readers, decided on - what songs will perform during the concert Edyta Gorniak , Margaret , David Kwiatkowski Is Lemon. Every viewer was able to personalize the look of the stage on the LED dioda, during songs Patrycja Markowska , Sylwia Grzeszczak and groups Zakopower.  This made the Top Music Wembley has become even more exciting event .

Our offer

  • Organizing festivals, concerts, artistic events
  • Organizing tv productions
  • Creating, producing and managing the unique artistic and theatrical events & entertainment
  • Creating the social media aplications and devices for entertainment


Festival Group Sp. z o.o.
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tel.: +48 22 487 56 66